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Visiting the Bauma International Trade Fair Show in 1995 Lutz Weiler of A&M “Asphaltbau und Mischwerke GmbH” saw an opportunity to bring stamped asphalt to Europe.

Introducing “StreetPrint” stamped asphalt to Europe in 1995 A&L has been responsible for supplying stamped asphalt training and materials to the European market.

A&L now distributes Pattern Paving Products into Europe under the Pattern Paving Product’s branding along with A&L’s own brand of CreaPave. A&L also provides training and technical support throughout Europe for Pattern Paving Products.

A+M is the successor of Reh & Co., producing, selling and installing over 70 different asphalt-mixtures with their own Mixing-Plant since 1906. They produced the first extreme hard Mastic-Road-asphalt mixtures for cold regions, which are now standard in Germany. After 10 years searching and testing new asphalt binders, A+M was introduced to a new Binder system from Pattern Paving Products. With this new binder, A+L a division of A+M have aggressively been developing a new product they call CreaPhalt

CreaPhalt is a product, mixed in 100 colors to replace synthetic colored asphalt but provide a highly durable asphalt that performs better then polymer asphalt mix designs. Other benefits are: Mix in place (also small quantities), 10 times harder than a highway asphalt, no thermal problems even in hot regions, CreaPhalt is flexible, but doesn't deform. You can mix this binder with 100% glass and light it up with LED's.

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