Crosswalk Thermoprint HT

Features and Benefits

  • Fast installation...
  • Quickly open to traffic...
  • Flexible and conforms with the asphalt surface...
  • Creates no hazardous waste during application...
  • Several patterns and colors to choose...
  • Handles nothern climate freeze thaw cycles...
  • Easly repaired... invisible seams...
  • Thermoplastic is oil and gas impervious...
  • Deicing salt resistant...
  • Snow plow blade resistant...

  • ThermoPrint HT Project Profiles

    ThermoPrintHT represents an innovative paving solution, combining rapid installation with the flexibility to adapt to asphalt surfaces, ensuring quick traffic reopening. This thermoplastic material excels in durability, withstanding harsh northern climates and resisting damage from deicing salts and snow plow blades.

    Preformed sheets are heat-applied to an asphalt surface and then stamped using a cable template pattern. Its application creates no hazardous waste, and the material is impervious to oil and gas, making it an environmentally friendly option.

    Available in various patterns and colors, ThermoPrintHT enhances pedestrian safety and city aesthetics, ideal for crosswalks, walkways, and high-traffic zones around schools and hospitals. The product's seamless repair capabilities and resistance to wear make it a practical choice for both new and existing asphalt surfaces, promising a blend of safety and visual appeal in urban environments.

    Typical applications for ThermoPrintHT
  • Cross-walks
  • Walk-ways
  • Exit and entrance ramps
  • Safety Zones

  • Crosswalk Thermoprint HT
    Crosswalk Thermoprint HT
    Crosswalk Thermoprint HT Crosswalk Thermoprint HT

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    ThermoPrint HT Project Profiles

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