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The following is a list of available PDF files of our specification binder. We are in the process of updating and adding to our binder and when those sections are available they will be posted here.

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Stamped Asphalt Specifications
Stamped Asphalt Generic Spec 386 KB Color Palette Printable PDF - Front
Color Palette Printable PDF - Back
Stamped Asphalt Cover Sheet 115 KB
Streetcoat Coating Specifications
Heavy Metal Testing 1025 KB Taber Scrub Certification 445 KB
MEK Scrub Certification 547 KB Adhesion Certification 446 KB
Water Absorption Certification 392 KB BPN Certification 309 KB
Mandrel Bend 347 KB
Stamped Asphalt Cable Templates
Cable Template Specs 226 KB Runningbond Cable Template 62 KB
Herringbone Cable Template 63 KB Cambridge Slate Template 64 KB
Frisco Cobble Cable Template 64 KB Hampton Tile Cable Template 60 KB
Random Stone Cable Template 76 KB British Cobble Cable Template 81 KB
Circle Cable Template 74 KB Stacked Brick Border Template 55 KB
Cobble Border Template 53 KB Basketweave cable Template 64 KB
Stamped Asphalt Plastic Template Kits
Herringbone Diagonal Kit 68 KB Runningbond Kit 57 KB
Large Tile Kit 62 KB British Cobble Kit 61 KB
Ashlar Slate Kit 60 KB Fieldstone Kit 69 KB
Basketweave Kit 61KB Hexagonal Tile Kit 63 KB
Boston Weave Kit 65 KB Herringbone Standard Kit 62 KB
European Fan Kit 157 KB Soldier Course Border Kit 60 KB
End to End Border Kit 58 KB Cobble Border Kit 60 KB
FrictionPaveTM Specifications
FrictionPave Cover Sheet 239 KB FrictionPave Sample Spec 175 KB
ThermoPrint Specifications
ThermoPrint Cover Sheet 359 KB ThermoPrint Sample Spec 182 KB
ThermoPrintHT Specifications
ThermoPrintHT Cover Sheet 1646 KB ThermoPrintHT Back Sheet 902 KB
ThermoPrintHT Sample Spec 107 KB ThermoPrintHT MSDS 53 KB
ThermoPrintHT Independant Lab Testing 149 KB
StencilCoat Specifications
StencilCoat Cover Sheet 233 KB Paper Stencil Patterns 424 KB
StencilCoat Sample Spec 233 KB StencilCoat MSDS 83 KB
StencilCoat Colors 289 KB Color Palette Printable PDF - Front
Color Palette Printable PDF - Back
StencilCoat Plastic Reusable Patterns
Runningbond Plastic Stencil 61 KB Herringbone Plastic Stencil 53 KB
Ashlar Slate Plastic Stencil 52 KB Diagonal Herringbone Stencil 51 KB
Boston Weave Plastic Stencil 50 KB Large 8' Diameter Circle 64 KB
Hexagonal Plastic Stencil 50 KB Large 17" Tile Plastic Stencil 55 KB
FieldStone Plastic Stencil 56 KB British Cobble Plastic Stencil 64 KB
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